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Originally posted by RKreutzer
Hi goodman888,

Even if it is the factory alarm and not an aftermarket alarm, it could be faulty. It would be telling what the current draw is with the alarm on.

That alarm circuit might have a leak that is not detected when you read the milliamperes (ma) between the battery and ground because the alarm is off.

Good luck

Reinhard Kreutzer
You mean that when I gauged the battery, the alarm is off?
If so, that explains everything!

Any method to test the current drawn by the alarm.....

You reminded me of that....

the 2nd time (and only the 2nd time) the battery was nearly dead, the alarm was screaming and even I removed the main battery, the alarm was still screaming and I could do nothing but waited until its back-up battery died too.

but it didnt happen for the 1st and 3rd time.
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