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Well done, Steve.

I'm in the mood to get going again!

Fastbenz - I'd rather lose the fan than my fingers, any day.

Before u get a new clutch, be positively sure by applying voltage directly to it (bypassing temp sensor) with the engine running.

If the fan still free-wheels instead of turning with the engine speed, u r halfway there.

Last thing to check would be if the wires to the clutch are broken, but this does not happen under normal circumstances.

In my case, it is a possibility coz the wires are fried due to an earlier short in the circuit. In some places, the insulation has burnt off revealing the copper inside. The wires are also really stiff due to the heat produced from the earlier short. The could be an open circuit in the wiring henceforth.

These factors provide me with some faint glimmer of hope in saving the clutch...under normal circumstances, I would say my clutch has gone south...:p

Hope you've verified that the clutch is really faulty before you get a new one.

By the way, which model do you have?

Good luck.

Babybenz 1991 190e 1.8
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