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M.B. Technicians...Can you help me?

I recently posted a problem with my keyless entry on my 1996 S420. I received some very good advise, but none of it panned out.
The brains behind the keyless entry system seems to have lost power. The red/green lights on the mirror do not light, the key sync method does not work. I assume that the alarm system is not functioning. The key has new batteries...a light does come on when the button is pressed for a few seconds.
Other than that, the car operates normally. The key manually locks and unlocks the doors like normal, but even using that method, the lights on the mirror do not illuminate. The fuse is O.K.
I keep thinking that the problem should be simple to resolve, but, being the classic backyard mechanic I need some direction before I give in to the dealership who will find the problem almost immediately I'm sure.
Thanks in advance for your advice.
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