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10 Yrs and 92K, I'd say your Benz is just about broken in!

Obviously, if you're the original owner you'd be in a good position to know what the car needs, but I'm assuming this is a new member of the family. Knowing how many previous owners is a good place to start. I find that most original owners pampered their cars, did the regular maintenance and generally did it at the dealer, instead of Quickie Lube or Sears/Montgomery Ward/Etc.

My priority goes like this: Life safety first (Brakes, steering, tires and wheels and lights); then big ticket items (anything that touches oil or coolant); then the niggly stuff (climate control, interior) that can wait for the first two.

If the engine is behaving (good start, idle, temp, no fluid loss, gas mileage) and the transmission is shifting well, you might want to focus on all the rubber bits that make up the Mercedes steering and multi-link suspension. How is the ride and do you notice any vibration in the car? Ball joints, engine mounts, flex discs, shocks, steering damper and links are all rubber and pneumatic parts that should be inspected.
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