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I've never been able to get one broken in as early as 92,000 miles. My 240D had something like 300,000 miles before I even carried a toolbox. My 300E has just hit 240,000 and I wouldn't be afraid to take off on a multi-thousand mile trip.

It wasn't that long ago when 100,000 miles was par for even a well taken care of car. Now 250,000 is well within reach for most any car if its reasonably well taken care of. For a Benz, that point is far beyond even that 250,000.

Nothing really changes with your preventive maintenance schedule. The most important thing is to keep changing the oil, filters and vital fluids. If you're getting underneath and changing oil frequently, then you have the opportunity to look around and inspect things underneath.

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Change oil hot and change oil often,
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