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Originally Posted by mbboy View Post
As I've noticed that, I was wondering why people didn't just rent hub pullers and slide hammers from local chain stores to remove their hubs. I imagine that the hub pullers with center bolts would work alone by putting a plate or washer over the hub opening, so the bolt has something to push against.

Yep the problem is indeed "one of reaction" (as in a reaction of a force)

Originally Posted by mbboy View Post

In fact, looking a dmorrison's write up, I was wondering if it would also be possible to put 5, instead of 2, long bolts into the hub and tighten them down incrementally against the parking brake shoes to push the hub up? I'd try it, but I'm not sure if those shoes would stand the stress. What do you think?

Something like this for example?

Achtung - Das schweinhund baby benz thread

Harder to do on a W123 - but I did come up with a crazy wooden press

W123 rear wheel bearing removal help needed

If you log in and see this thread you'll also see a trick for removing the 4 point slotted nut in a real easy way. (Pictures for this are in a folder that is restricted - I don't know why I set it up that way - may be one day I'll change it)

Originally Posted by mbboy View Post
As for knocking the races out with a brass punch, if I'm not mistaken that's standard procedure for the front races, and it worked for me. So, I don't see why the rear races would be any different?
Bearing races indeed are OK to knock out with a punch so long as you don't try and go too far on one side at a time - the bore still needs to survive!
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