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Unhappy Newbie Merc owner with a heavy, squeaky steering on my 1988 W124 260E

Greetings from Manila, Philippines!

I recently acquired a 1998 W124 260E. It's a nice car with great body and interiors. However it does have mechanical concerns.

The steering feels heavy and stiff and there is a loud squeaky sound somewhere under the car when i turn the wheels.

I read that you can adjust the steering box when the play on the steering wheel is big, but that doing so would also make the steering stiffer and heavier. I don't know if the previous owner made any such adjustment. The mechanic i spoke to said the play on the steering wheel was just right.

Could this be a problem with the steering box or any other part of the steering system? Ball joints, tie rod ends?

Your expert advise would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks and cheers!
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