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Unhappy 1977 240D overheating

just got it. previous owner had an homemade overflow tank attached. took it off since it was not supposed to have one. started overheating right after that, so far changed the radiator cap. where is the termostat? is it easy to change? how do i know whether it is the water pump or not? can i install a frame bushing on my own? got a lot of questions don't i? breaks are also pretty bad, can i determine what's wrong with them, fluid is fine, no air in the line..but very hard when pressed... i am a student with very limited finances, cannot afford to take to a shop... today i had to drive the car 15 miles almost all the way in the red, do you think i hurt the the car by doing that?...what temperature is normal for this car?...please help if you may...thank you kindly...

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