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Synthetics and Dino

This is very confusing. If Mobil-1 is not a true synthetic, what is?

I note that at the store they stock Synthetics, Synthetic Blends, High-Mileage and regular multiweight oil, with prices ranging from $4.39 to 1.39 per quart.

They do not tell the percentage of synthetic in a synthetic blend, nor do they tell why one oil is better for "high mileage"engines, nor what is the number of miles that indicate a need for high-mileage oil.

I have noted that Mobil-1 is thinner than other oils. In my 300D, they all turn black immediately, even though I drain the engine hot for an hour or so and change the filter too at 3000 miles.

I have used Rotella Synthetic, but I have not noticed any major differences other than it seems slightly thicker than Mobil-1
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