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Yes I'm new, but I've been in and out of this awesome site for quite some time now since I bought my MB in December 2001. You have all taught me more than than you'll ever know and I thank all of you for this.

Although not an expert, I now know my way around my W124...what makes it tick, it's weakness, it's strengts, etc. To tell you honestly, I've been duped into buying this car. What came to mind at that time is that I want an MB W124 whatever the kind maybe, upon proddings of a friend who recently also bought his own (i didn't even know that from 200E it goes up to 500E).

I bought it without any service records and that no mechanic was with me to check it out. I even bought it much more than its market value. There were many things wrong with at the start, i.e, cold start problem, high idle, high temp, reverse gear suddenly failed, central locks not working, noisy front suspension, the list goes on and on.

But now I'm all through that and the car is now performing as it should (but not yet the ride-like-new feel), except for some minor refinements still left undone (still saving money for this).

And come hell or high water i'll be keeping this car and continue reading all the threads. Come to think it I really don't mind repairing it because at the end of it all I have a 124 MB which a lot of you guyz say is the best MB..(I agree!!)
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