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My old 1977 280E, which my brother now drives, has a flaring shift from 2-3. Everything else is normal. It was doing this when I first bought the car about 100,000 KM ago. I was worried about it then and had it looked at several times by several techs, got it tweaked, etc. Nothing helped. So I just changed the fluid every 40,000 KM and she's still purring along, albeit the flaring shift from 2-3. The car's total mileage is around 300,000 KM, original transmission.

A tech once tweaked it so that the 2-3 shift was more smooth, but then the other gear shifts were not. I chose to live with the rougher 2-3. It really drops into 3rd with a solid clunk, but it has never worsened. It seems the rough 2-3 shift is not uncommon.
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