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Hello again Friends,

Let me tell You that standing outside when its below freezing, snow is falling and wind is blowing, changing cam chain tensioner and all the rails, is not what I would recomend as recreational fun. Anyway, most of it is behind me now.

I changed all the parts and following the hints and help I got from the list earlier it was no big deal except for some fasteners that was rather stuck. I also checked that the crank timing was at 0 degrees when No 1 cylinder was at TDC to eliminate that possibility of error. Also I found that 2 of the rails were broken instead of 1 as I wrote earlier.

Finally when I got it together enough, I rechecked the timing between the crank and the cams. Now the 2 timing marks on LH and RH cam align exactly at the same time but the crank is still at 14 - 15 degrees.

My assumption from this is that I should change the timing of the cams by 1 tooth which would give me a timing change of 20 degrees between the cams and the crank (there is 36 teeths on each cam i.e 10 degrees betweeb each. The difference of 5 degrees is probably because the chain is not so much stretched when I rotate it by hand as it will be when the engine is running.

Now this is me guessing and I was hoping for input from all of You if my guesswork is correct or not.

As soon as I have Your input, I hope that my next tread will be that of a smooth running engine and no tapping noise. I will ofcourse run a compression check as soon as i got the covers on but Im waiting with that until Im sure that I got everything timed and togheter.

Many, many thanks to all of You.

Mikael Westerberg
1984 500 SEL
Vanersborg, Sweden
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