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Cell Phone Help Needed!

Hi --

I have a 1999 C43 AMG with the premimum Alpine/MB head unit, Alpine/MB cd changer and Bose 8 speaker system. That system is wired to have a telephone installed and played through the stereo system.

However, after inquiring with my local MB dealer, they told me that in 2000 MB switched over to Motorola from some other cell phone system and that any MB produced before 2000 could not be fitted with a telephone system by them.

Does anyone know how to hook a cell phone into the existing the MB stereo/cell phone system? All the wiring is there including the microphone, speakers, "tel." button on the head unit and what appears to be an electronic cradle for a cell phone simms chip at the bottom rear of the center console compartment.

I have a T-Mobile plan with a Nokia phone (forgot the model number, but its very small and not a flip phone).

Any help would be appreciated, including the names and numbers of any good aftermarket companies that intall phones in MB's.

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