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Which wrenches, what tools??

Well fellow listers, it's time to cut loose with a few bucks in a good cause.

I find myself scrounging for those 20mm to 30mm wrenches all to often and its time to crack the piggy bank and get some tools for the 20mm to 30mm or, plus, size range.

I would hope those of you on the list might tell me what of those larger wrenches are needed for work on the Mercedes. We currently have a 1991 190E 2.3 8v automatic and a 1983 240D manual. To start off it would have been nice to have a 22mm crowfoot to remove the old primer pump from the 240D.

Other than the normal 4-19mm wrenches, screw drivers, Mity vac, torque wrench, and analog meter, what have you found absolutely necessary to service your Benz? Also whats nice to have and what would be on your wish list for tools?

Sincerely and with great torque,

Randy Roeges
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