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I recently did a tune up myself and the plugs came out clean!! But I still drink oil like ..... hmmm, I thought it was valve seals ... could be something else then?

Are the oil additives any good?

To answer some of the questions .... the wire in the door isn't the speaker wire .... could be alarm, but, I don't know where it plugs in and I am not sure how the alarm arms itself. I did not get a remote with the car, but, I know it works as I opened the hood one time with the car locked!

I will try for the 2W bulb - thank you. It's quite cold to do that, but I need to find this bulb first.

Suspension - it was leaking when I bought the car. Fixed that and there is fresh MB fluid in there..... but it still seems to sag a tad on the driver side ....

Thanks for all your feedback ..... it helps in a BIG way!
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