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bubble bubble, toil and trouble! Tech help needed

Recently the 87 300E has developed a strange sound. On warm days, after the car has been run a while and then parked for 10-20 minutes, restarting the car produces a bubbling/boiling liquid sound the from the right rear (fuel pump area). The sound is sometimes loud and continuous, sometimes less noticable, and sometimes not even there at all. Once in a while it is accompanied by a rough idle. It usually goes away in 5-10 seconds. Rarely it has a short harmonica 'hmmm' sound afterwards for the first couple of accelerations. The car runs well, but has always been a little ragged at idle.

I have speculated on anything from a bad gas cap seal to a failing diaphragm in the accumulator, but don't want to throw parts at it until it goes away. Anyone encounter this situation before? BTW, the 2 mufflers and pipes have been replaced recently, but that didn't change the symptoms.

Thanks for any suggestions.

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