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The subframe mounts are collapse internally are are hard to spot. With the rear on jackstands at the jack points: The rear mount closest to the bumper, if the metal washer is recessing in towards the mount its seen better days. For the mounts towards the front of the car will stretch and show a lot of cracking. In extreme cases, the mount will be completely separated or torn. You will know that for sure driving the car. However, even if you replace them there is NO guarantee that it is the cause of your problem. If you have your indy to the alignment again, you will probably still have wind sensitivity. Same as if you replace your springs & shocks. If the toe-in ain't right, she's gonna blow all over the road. I have rebuilt every part of my suspension from the frame floor to the wheels. My best advise is to pay the dealer for an alignment. It will either fix your problem or elminate one possibility. Let us know how it turns out.
Brian Toscano
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