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'96 C36 44kmiles trying to pinpoint driveability problem...STILL

I Got my car in Sept '02 w/ 38,000 miles on it. Ever since week 2 of ownership it has a dead miss condition that shows itself undr one of 3 different driving conditions. All of which require the car to be under some type of acceleration (past 1/2 throttle) If I drive the car like it wasn't intended (like a catholic nun) it is ok. First things first, I took it to a dealer expecting the best service(MB North Houston) They put a new MAF on it and said..'fixed!' 3 days later it presented itself again. Took it back. This time the shop foreman went for a ride w/ me. I duplicated the problem by slowing down for a merging turning lane & getting into the gas to accelerate(70% throttle) the car stutters and upon stopping you can tell that the car isnt running on all 6 holes. It shudders and bucks. If you turn off the engine & Immediatly turn it back on, the idle is good again and it runs great! this happens to me almost every day I drive by the way. They put new plugs in it & said..'it had a bad plug in it?' OK........whatever. After them wanting $220 for the plug job I told 'em to shove it. they went ahead and comped the plug job @ 00.00. (I still have $660.00 in the MAF that was OK to begin with!!!) I still feel like I got taken for $660 bucks cause the problem actually came back. It took almost 10 days to do it again though after the plugs were put in??

That is why I am confused. I havn't changed my driving habits at all either. I feel like maybe it is a software issue since I have ASR, electronic shift, fly by wire throttle body ETC; I get NO CHECK ENGINE LIGHT EVER! Is it my fuel system??? I was told that it was probably my throttle body since I get the stumbling at certain throttle angles @ certain speeds/loads/downshifts.

Here is another clue, since week two of ownership w/ the problem starting, my cruise control quit working above 65 mph. I noticed it was kinda lazy upon acceleration w/ the collumn stalk. It will hold the speed I set but just for a second and not engage. I was told that the stuff for the cruise, & idle speed were all integrated into the T/B. I was told by an indie repair shop owner that this is the bain of all W202 cars - throttle body & engine harness. I was told by a tech @ MB north Houston that I have the 'goodwill' warranty harness already done on mine.

So I've got a new MAF & plugs w/ maybe 1,500 miles on 'em & an AMG merc that runs like crap when I get on it a little bit. Makes me wanna go got a 5-speed M-coupe sometimes???? Somebody please give me an honest educated opinion here, cause I dont wan't to be the next person who reinforces the 'ole reputation about benzes breakin down all the time! I love my car but I might sell & join the ranks of the anti Benz people if this issue can't get taken care of..Later

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