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Well, it started out with a suspect temperature gauge sender and now it has expanded into the whole instrument panel and turn signal and brake lights not functioning.
Also, the usual buzz...buzzz sound for the seatbelt reminder is not working either.

Last time everything seemed to work (except for the temp gauge) was when I filled up the tank earlier today.
The fuel gauge acted kindof funny, registering up to only half but when I pulled out of the station and drove off the needle shot up to the full level...
Went home and parked the car.
Couple of hours later wife used the car and noticed from the beginning the following wasn't working....

Entire intrument panel dead.
No turn signals.
No brake lights.

High beams work.
Headlights are working.
Emergency flashers are working.
Climate control works.
Radio and antennae is fine.
Power sunroof is working.
Glow plug light functions normally and the engine starts up and runs fine.

Any ideas ?

I checked the fuse box and all are fine.'
I should check them more carefully by removing them, just in case.

Thanks for your help.
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