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V-6 Start-up Knocking/Not again!

I've given up on this. I extended the factory warranty to 100K last year so the thing can blow to pieces for all I care. It's still making the knock X4 on most starts, hot or cold.

This is definitely not piston slap nor lifters so lets close that one. It's oil pressure related as I have said before and it's only on startup, never after. Of course, if the V6's chain tensioner is hydraulic, this might be it.

But, I had the opportunity to run the car flat out at it's governed top speed for a few miles last summer and it survived so it may make this noise forever.

Other than that (and the Easy Entry feature which is never going to work reliably) it's running and looking good. However, I must say that after driving a friend's 2003 E500, the old C320 seems pretty crude.

Gawd, wotta car!

Roger Ellingson/Seattle
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