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Viscous clutch fix

Hi Jim......I wish trout would take the fly as quickly !

....Here we go.....Based on too facts....a viscous clutch relies on a liquid or semi (viscous) liquid to obtain a couple between primary and sec. turbines........secondly "bee's wax" changes with temperature, from a low rupture stress semi solid medium , to a viscous semi liquid with no help from a bi-metal strip.
Therefore use the bi-metal strip as a paper weight, seal off the control hole (tap and screw), drill and tap an entry into the main turbine housing (mind the swarf), and inject (with everything very warm) about 3/4 to a cup (depending on size of coupling) of melted liquid natural "bee's wax" and seal with screw.
Do not use paralized purified bees wax, the ruture stress index is too high when set.
Natural wax ruptures quickly during a cold / warm start inhibiting a mechanical couple, and starts a high slip couple at about 40 deg. By 60 deg. we have a good lock.

Dependant on the climate one can mix in a large spoon or two of household natural liquid wax polish (which contains wax solvent) before injection to speed up the turbine "lock" if so desired.
My 9 year old Opel Record has been operating (in Africa) for the last three years so modified.

Regards - John
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