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Congratulations on bringing the car along this far! I think a car painted in any color out of its period looks strange. For exasmple, a few days ago, I passed a 240D (about '80). It had shinny, new, bright yellow paint on it, and I gave the owner a "toot" and a thumbs-up, but the car really did not look right because of the slight greenish tint in the paint. Having had an 80 240D, I'm familiar with the colors of that period - the color on the one I saw is not right for the period, and makes the car look strange. IMHO, it's always best to stay with the original color. When one absolutely "must" change colors, it's best to use a color appropriate for the period (year of the car). Good luck with the interesting project!

Wilton Strickland
Goldsboro, NC
91 350 SDL. 81 300D
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