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Tim the 2Lman
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Where's the part #?

JBA, is the part # for the amp itself (the #002 etc) on the aluminum case or on the printed circuit board? The 10mm nut that held the bracket on was an 11mm bolt. 10 wouldn't fit, and... it is on sooo tight that it rounded off even with a tight fitting box-end wrench on it. Man! So, if I have to get it off of the case, I might have a problem. I just bent the tabs back on the case and removed the PCB out if it.

Thanks for the help. I really appreciate it.

Looks like I'll get to tackle vacuum pump rebuild, seeings how it failed this am on the way in to work.... in the snow!

A little addition here:

JBAJ007, It looks like my components match. I can see a 437 vaguely on one of them. I crossed them over to ECG and NTE part numbers. Here they are:

BD438 = NTE 185 = ECG 185 = TO-126 case, T-PNP, SI, AF, PO
BD437 = NTE 184 = ECG 184 = TO-126 case, T-NPN, SI, AF, PO
Looks like everything is a match. I'm going to start checking compenents today and see if I can russle these up locally. I figure that beings these are toasted, that probably my actuator may very well be toasted too. Thoughts???

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