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Jason M.
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Alittle bit different 300 Evap question

Hey guys its been a while,

Well the Evap went, I found it w/ my leak detecter (ohh and it was blowing oil through the vents at me )

The hour estimate in the book reads out at 14.1, and I went on our ALLDATA machine to check out the replacement procedure, pretty vague. After checking out some of the posts I still have one or two questions. Mainly how much of the dash do I have to take out? I removed the climate control/console area and cluster for a better look (this is my 2nd car, I'm not in a hurry) and It looks like maybe it will have to come out through the top, making total dash removal necessary?

other than that, I plan to order the actuators, because I know 2 are bad for sure (that tapping noise was driving me nuts) and I have access to both 12 and 134 recovery machines
Gonna replace the expansion valve because I noticed some odd pressures last time I had gauges on it, and of course the drier...

Any other advice would be appreciated

Jason McNeese
86 300E
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