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I own a 1995 E420 and...

I love it!
Although I am a second owner, but I have all history on this car. Yes, it did have some minor wire harness issues and was fixed at the dealer few years back by the original owner (he had warranty and didnít cost him much to do it luckily for him!). I recently fixed a leaking power steering bump. It just started to leak but didnít want to wait on it. And yes, the engine seems to run hot mainly due to the fact that itís a v8 packed in a rather small engine compartment and so you get some heat related issues like wire insulations become brittle etcÖ The only issue I have with it right now is the oil pressure gauge went bad on me (dropped to 0 no problems with oil pressure itself or the sender unit or wireÖ it is the gauge) and I am searching for used one to replace it (new cost $475). I donít have any other problems with this car. I love the way it looks and the way it picks up and go. See picture below. This baby has 275 horse power and very pleasant to drive and I will keep it for as long as it wants to stay with me
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