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Angry It gets worse

When starting out this morning, the idle dropped to 500 RPM at the first stop sign. A mile later I stopped for coffee. It was trying to die.When I put it in Park, the idle was hunting between 500-1000 RPM. I shut it off and got my coffee. When I came out it wouldn't start. After a second attempt, it took quite a while and finally kicked with he pedal half way to the floor. I proceeded on havin to powerbrake it somewhat. At the first stoplight I was overwhelmed with the smell of raw fuel. I decided to limp home and take the wife's very reliable Suburban instead. I called the shop and asked that they pick it up as I have $1500 into a rough idle problem at the moment. Some may say, "why don't you search the Forum"? I just moved to the area for a new job, I don't have a garage and I have been out of town intermittently. I would like to find a way to verify that the air-flow meter is bad if possible. Can anyone reccomend a good MB mechanic in Peachtree City, GA? Thanks. John
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