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okay a lil better now

Alright, I got my car burning a bit less, the first fill up after the mixture was adjsuted was terrible but now it seems to have leveled off and I get around 20-22 miles per gallon, I converted from Km per liter, since here in Canada we use the metric system. Still though I think it should go further, I can squeeze 400km ouf of a full tank, but I think it should reach 500 without a problem, can any confirm this?

cause 280 miles is 450 km, and I don't think I can go that far on one tank, at least I never got that far unless it was pure highway driving, on highway this car doubles the miles for me.

Maybe I should get new injectors, turns out many parts on my car have never been touched in it's full lifetime, going in tomorrow to get thedrive shaft fixed up, new flex discs, and support bearing which is worn down to bits now.

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