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Thanks to all of you who offered advice to me on buying a 300D few weeks ago.
After some looking and testing I took the plunge and bought a white 1985 300D with 208K. It was on consignment from a local MB mechanic (with a very good reputation) so I was able to talk to the mechanic who has serviced it for several years. It looks great, looks to have been very well-kept, and it drives great.

Of course, as soon as I had it for 20 minutes I noticed what I hope is not a portent of a serious transmission problem: I was driving down a somewhat windy road at 50-60mph for around 15 minutes; I came to a point in the road with a sharp right turn (about 15mph, maybe less) and I noticed that the transmission "slipped" before engagin a lower gear. I let off the gas (sorry, diesel) and tried it again, and it did the same thing before finding the lower gear and going on. I've drove another 15 minutes since then but haven't noticed anything else strange about the transmission.

I intend to take it to the mechanic on Monday, but before I do, any advice? Should I expect the worst or just relax?

Thanks for your help.

Jim Heetderks

1985 300D
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