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Chain rails


I thought I was lucky. changed the chain rails last weekend, not too hard a job if you follow the procedure from the link you have been given, the only thing I would add to the procedure is a 6mm bottom tap for cleaning the threads out in the pivot pins, before you insert the puller, I made a small slide hammer which made the job a bit quicker. I also had two broken chain guides and the bits no where to be seen, chain stretch is about 10 degrees with the new guides ( not 28 like yours ) but will be changing the chain and tensioner anyway, my car (500se) has done very similar mileage to yours and I also needed to change the valve stem seals, this can also be done with very little expense and without taking the heads off, Iím actually looking forward to doing the chain job, the thought of a six foot long chain emerging from the depths of the timing case while the new one is being fed in really tickleís my fancy ( Iím a mechanical nut )

Good luck
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