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help I cannot fix my steering

I have an 84 190d and I have had a problem with my steering that I cannot figure out. The problem is that it wanders at highway speeds, it takes constant corrections to keep it on the road. I have replaced everything that had any play in it such as the steering dampener, drag link, idler arm bushings, rear outer controll arm bushings and a steering gear box. After all of this time and money, I went and got a four wheel alignment and none of the above has had any affect on my problem. About the only thing that I havent replaced yet was my front shocks, and I dont think that they need to be because it dosent bounce when I go over bumps and it still handles pretty well.

I am about at my witts end with this car that I love so much,

If anyone can give me any advice it would be greatly appriciated

Falling out of love,
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