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There are several threads on 124 subframe bushings & how to do it without the tools. I've done it with & without the tools and also with the subframe "on" the car and with it completely removed from the car. I think its a DIY project and paying the dealer book time of 10.5 hours seems crazy to me.

I did one side at a time, passenger then drivers side. Be sure to remove the drain hose that goes thru the subframe. When you do the drivers side be sure to lower the exhaust - the rear donuts and the mount at the subframe.

If you want to buy tools, Baum sells one for $530 that takes the place of both factory tools which are currently selling for ~$670. Without the tools you'll need to make your own pusher an pullers for the busings. IN my experience, the mounts closest to the bumper were VERY tight compared to the fronts. Load the new mounts with spray silicon or get the MB sliding fluid otherwise the new mounts (particulary the ones neartest the front of the car) will not seat properly. Doing this work MAY change the alignment of your rear slightly so I recommend checking it.
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