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Flaring from 3-4


I searched and found a lot of information about flaring from 2-3 but not much on 3-4. Are the fixes the same? One post mentiones a spring kit that can be installed to fix this problem. Is it the same kit for a 3-4 shift issue? Or a vacuum adjustment?

The car only seems to flare when fully warmed up and is inconsisten on when it will do it, have not been able to pinpoint a patern. Only that is will only do it at full operating temp, whent its cold it acts perfectly normal.

The transmission is only a year old and has Mobile 1 synthetic fluid it in. Think a filter change with non synthetic oil would help?

The car is a 90' 300CE-24, only about 20k miles since a complete rebuild using all MB parts. This is the second transmission since I have owned the car and it kills me to think its going again.

Any input you hvae is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Just sold em all !! Curently driving a, 06.5 VW GTI

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