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Ron D. Harriman
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Borrowed someone's 107 service CD for a
few weeks while they're off on spring
vacation (lucky folks!). I have an 83 380SL
here with an uncertain transmission service
history and intend to get all of the old
fluid drained stat, plus new filter.

Imagine my surprise that the Official MBUSA
(insert fanfares) service CD does not have
a word about servicing the transmission!
Dug around the archives and this appears
common to all models. Ruh-roh!

I'd still prefer to do this work myself
rather than take it to a shop. Anyone care
to offer a quick sketch of procedures?

I know that the TQ needs to be drained
along with the trans pan. I know to rotate
the crank from the front to get the TQ
drain bolt visible on its rear face, and
I expect that I should order new drain bolts
and (crush washers?) for both the pan and
the TQ drains.

Expecting also to renew the pan gasket.
I garner that there are cork gaskets on
and around the filter itself. I'll get some.

But I have no idea how to find the
filter once the pan's off nor what to do
once I get there. This is a daily driver
and I don't want to have it on ramps
for days with an open dry trans :-) Nor
do I want to cockup a simple service from
want of understanding and end up with an
MB size rebuild bill.

Thanks in advance for any words of wisdom
here. Still can't believe this stuff is
not on the CD! A real oversight, IMHO.

Ron H

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