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Surging in very cold weather

I am a new member to this forum, but have used it in the past to learn about my mercedes and have found it to be very helpful

I have a 1994 C220 with 137,000 miles. It has been a great car so far. A problem arose a couple of weeks ago that I could use some help with. I was driving a long distance (700 miles) in very cold weather of about 25-30 below zero. When I slowed for an offramp, the throttle seemed to stick and when I pulled to a stop the engine surged from idle to about 2000 rpms. This continued for about 15 minutes and eventually the surging slowly subsided. I had not used the cruise contol before the problem started. The car ran perfectly for the rest of the trip, unless I used the cruise control and then the surging reoccured. When I got home I put the car in a heated garage and the problem dissappeared.

Yesterday I again drove in very cold weather. I tried the cruise to see if the problem would reoccur. It did surge again when the cruise was on, but only for about the first 10 minutes. After the car seemed to warm up the problem was gone.

I could use some advice on where to start to address this problem. Any suggestions you have would be appreciated. Thank you.
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