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Hey guys, just wanted to thank all for the tech help installing the sunroof cable, what I dont understand is why a ridiculously easy 10 minute job like this warrants 2-3 hours of labor from a Mercedes dealership? I could see one hour with the adjustment afterwards, but 2-3 hours at $70 an hour?!

Anyway my question was how do I go about adjusting the tension on the cable? When the switch is held forward the sunroof closes fully then the back tilts up. I know that it should close fully but with no tilt unless you tilt the button. I did mess around with the tension before replacing my cable, thinking that was the problem.

It seems that the tension is a bit too high and I need to lower it. But the words on the tension knob are in German. So which way to close the sunroof more, and which way to close it less? I already know to pull it out 2 clicks, then turn it, but if my sunroof is closing too much (ie: tilting at end) then which way do I adjust knob.

Thanx all.

1987 300E
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