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Question 1989 300e Transmission fluid/filter change:

1989 300e Transmission fluid/filter change:

I purchased the filter and gasket form fast lane and was all set to review the manual on changing the transmission filter when I realized I do not have that module. I found the ATF type and some other tips (draining the torque converter, new washers, etc) using search but still have a few questions for anyone with a manual:

1989 300e 180k miles.

1. How many quarts to refill?

2. Torque specs for torque converter drain plug?

3. Torque specs for drain plug?

4. Torque specs for transmission pan bolts?

5. Is there a way to get the fluid out of the transmission cooler or does it just drain by itself?

6. Also, I just drain (pan and torque converter) and fill through the fluid check tube and it automatically fills the torque converter upon start up?

If anyone has a “….be sure you do this because I didn’t and it was a mistake…” story please share. There are many posts that I have been searching but not too many all inclusive and some have conflicting opinions and not the exact model/year information.

Thanks in advance for the help.
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