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Unhappy Urgent Help - Pls!!!


Pls I need your help.

I have a 96 C280, had a leaking fuel pump over a week ago.

Over a week ago, I disconnected both battery terminals pending the purchase of the pump following DIY repair.

Today I changed the pump and fuel filter, connected battery, the car cranks wants to start but no luck.

Since I disconnected both terminals, do I have to do something else to the car?

Do I need to purge anything so the gas goes through?

Earlier today, called local Miami MBz Dealer - Service Department and they told me that it might have a shut off switch that I needed to reset. Per their suggestions I stripped the trunk covers and check on the left and righ side panels and no luck.

Checked the fuses in the front and on trunk and all seem to be ok.

The car is now on two jack stands but leveled, could that be the problem?

Your help will be greatly appreciated.

In advance thank you.
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