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follow-up on dragging brakes

As it turns out it's the rubber rings which can be replaced with a caliper kit front and rear. The Laredo MB dealer sells only the whole caliper and AutoZone is a special order.

Bobbyv there wasn't a difference in built-up heat of your left and right rear wheels or even the front wheels. They were all the same hot temperature after dragging.

Robby the pads and rotors were not cracked and hung up but because of the dragging wear I had to replace the rear brakes. And I didn't try to spin the wheels freely yet.


I asked the mechanic to change the brake fluid (and bleed the brakes) but they didn't do this.
You say: "Try carefully pushing the brake pucks back into the calipers. Try to do this several times." I will ask the mechanic to do this.

Monterrey, Mexico

1986 190E 2.3
1960 190 B
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