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Sorry to hear of your trouble. Let's start with the exhaust system. J.HIDALGO is correct about the liability aspect of a repair of this type, however , if you find someone to replace/fabricate a section of the system, it's doubtful the repair would meet MB standards. Concerning the lighter, if you don't use it why spend money on it! MB alternators ARE quite durable but ARE NOT bulletproof. True, the voltage regulator is the most common cause of charging system malfunction on your car but you didn't say exactly why it was replaced. In regard to the rest of your post, it sounds like your dealer needs to work on it's customer service/satisfaction philosophy. In my neck of the woods, we wouldn't think of calling a client to sell additional/needed work until ALL of the original complaints had been addressed and/or corrected. For what it's worth, I take exception to J.HIDALGO's "stealership" comment. It's not fair to the dedicated dealership tech's who put customer satiafaction above all else.
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