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I agree with ILUVMILS,

I do not want to start a debate here but, I feel the need to clarify my comments. The term "stealership" is NOT directed to the actual techs working for a MB dealership but, to the dealership as a whole with a few exceptions, of course. I know there are a lot of present and former trained MB techs giving their good advice to this forum with no interest whatsoever! And I thank them for that!
However, as far as dealerships, don't just listen to me. Do a search in the archives and come with your own conclusions.
I DO respect MB techs and enjoy talking to them directly about my car instead of the "middle man (men)".
I still say, I would take an independent over the "stealership" any day.

My apologies if I offended anybody. That was NOT my intention!
'86 300E
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