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Thank you both for your prompt replies...first, in terms of replacing the lighter, I don't really know how to justify is more like the deal that was goin' on here at MercedesShopa long time ago...where a bunch of people REALLY REALLY REALLY wanted that "a Daimler-Benz Product" sticker on their just made my car "feel" complete...I really don't know how to explain makes me feel good that everything is there, clean, and all working together nicely...odd reason I guess

In terms of the alternator, what happened was early one morning, I go to start the car as usual, and when the car was up and running, every single light on the dash cluster was on...I noticed this was odd...and a little hesitant to make matters worse, I left the car at home and took the other car instead. I called to make an appointment the next morning to bring the car in in the afternoon. That night, when I got home, I started the car again and noticed that all the cluster lights were still on...I also noticed (since it was night time), the headlights were out, and the interior lights were also out...I made a post on, and received suggestions that the alternator was person suggested I try giving the car gas and see what will happen at higher RPM's, and when I tried this, I noticed the lights would come on at higher RPM's, but die out when I took my foot off the gas...I brought the car into the dealership, and like what I was told the night before on benzsport, the advisor said the alternator was bad, and I needed a new one...I think it was 2 or 3 days before I got the car back because they had to order in the parts. This repair was $632CAD...

In terms of service...I really don't know what to say...I mean, they are merely people doin' their jobs...but really, I sorta expected more from Mercedes...I talked to one service advisor when I brought the car in and explained the problems with the car, and the next day, SOMEBODY ELSE called and told me the the problems associated with my complaints and the parts cost + labor thing odd is EVERYTHING they quote to replace, always has a labour time of 1 and a half hour...and the parts prices were astronomical...I checked the parts prices on and the fastlane, and I think they were 1/3 of the prices I got from the man who called...well, after the exhaust then the alternator, and complaints BEFORE about rough idling that they ignored, I was sorta fed up, so I basically asked him WHY these problems were occuring with my vehicle and WHY these parts were so high and WHY all of these items required 1 and half hour of labour? His basically replied that he was only telling me the problems as he sees it...and was basically doin' his job...I think he thought I was getting a bit agitated, so I transferred me to ANOTHER PERSON, who is a service advisor...he tried to work with me, and said he would give me the parts at cost, and charge me minimal for the labour, but I was still a little upset...I mean, for a car that was $80,000 new, BEFORE 14% tax, which Mercedes-Benz of Canada would not even BUDGE in giving a little discount of any sort, I just did not see how I could justify replacing the exhaust, then muffler, then all these other problems...I just didn't feel like the advisor was speaking for the he was proud of the products that his company produces...and stood by felt like they were merely "doin' there job" a Safeway cashier or something like that...I just didn't feel like they cared...I had to argue and argue and argue until he finally transferred me to the service foreman, who quite kindly offered to fix the distributor caps/rotors for free...since I had complained about this problem earlier, but they did not document, which was a VERY VERY VERY nice gesture...but I just feel...hmmm...that I shouldn't be walkin' into the service department, and feel like I am always on the lookout for people trying to rip me off...I always thought Mercedes-Benz and its employees were people who were willing to stand behind their products...why did I have to argue SOOOO much to get any sorta feeling of "humanity" from these people? the service advisor pointed out that my car was a '95, and that it is quite "old"...I dunno what age we live in now, but a 7 year old car is now considered "old"??? I'm sorry, but I was never into this high-tech trend of swapping cars every 3/4 years after the lease ends or buying a new cellphone every half year or upgrading my computer constantly...I want things that LAST...that was why I dug into my pockets for this car in the first place...if Mercedes wants to focus on their little game of "who has the most horsepower" or "who can put the most buttons in their car"...fine, they can play their game...if they don't believe service, reliability, and longevity of their automobiles are a priority anymore, I can easily take my business elsewhere...also, what is up with the new policy of "no courtesy car if your car is out of warranty"??? I have no problem taking the bus home, but to have an $80,000 car sit in the dealership while I take the bus is kind of a joke, isn't it? Oh well, I guess that is just life now...
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