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Thinking about this noahlambert, It should be easy to discover if the rod break waspassibly due to lack of oil. You should be able to clearly see if the bigend had actually seized up which might cause a rod break - it would be self evident from examination of the bigend shells - if they have melted and there is possibly blue-ing of the#4 journal then alack of oil would certainly be the cause.
However a rod break is still pretty unlikely even with lack of oil in my opinion, having run a GM 2.8ltr diesel with a broken oil pump till it seized up solid doing 2500 rpm!! - but with no rod breaks - the melting of the shell does allow some free movement of the bigend when the supply oil is gone.- So I agree the most likely cause, as someone else suggested, must be due to a faulty forging inthe rod manufacture, leading to a slowly progressing stress crack
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