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My grandfather has a 1990 Mazda 929, with a 3.0L V6, now with 175K, that had oil in the radiator. It was excessive as well. In the past, I had seen water in the oil (not on this car), but never oil in the radiator, as this car had. As it turned out, it was a bad headgasket. The car never did steam from the exhaust. Gasket was replaced, but still has some oil in the radiator. Will probably never get all of it out. It has been flushed several times. Possible it is still leaking. Not sure. It was replaced months ago, and is still running good. I too am guessing bad headgasket, or a cracked head. My moms old car (no longer driven of course and will soon be sold or go to junk yard), also has a bad head gasket, or head. She has a 1981 Toyota Cressida (top of the line Toyota for the year), with 172K. It steamed and has water in oil We put "CD-2 blockseal" in it a few years ago, fixed for a while, then messed up again. Very high quality and powerful car, but it is 22 years old and the parts are very expensive, so not economical to repair. The Toyota inline 2.8L 6-cylinders were known for bad head gaskets, but otherwise bulletproof, smooth and powerful engines. The Cressidas also have excellent interior build quality, with high quality materials. Equal to, or better than the early 80s 240s/300s. Even at 172K, when the car was last driven two years ago, the car was still 100% rattle and squeak free. Too bad it has a bad engine. Good luck with your car- again, I would say it is the headgaskets.

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