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Toyotas typically have a excellent, top rated electrical system, but my moms old Toyota car had a similar problem. My moms old 1981 Toyota Cressida (bad headgasket- no longer drives it and will soon be sold or go to junkyard) had a similar problem a few years ago. No other repair shop, nor my dad could figure out the problem. Ended up taking the car to a local Toyota dealership to have it checked. Turned out to be a bad relay located in the fuse block. It was a relay that controlled the warning light system. On her car, all of the warning lights on the dash panel- (low fuel, door open, o2 sensor, low coolant, low washer fluid, fasten seat belts, rear lamp out warning, as well as others I cannot remember, as it has been two years since I have driven car) would all illuminate at the same time, even if there was nothing wrong. At the same time, the alternator guage would show "discharge". It was really a weird problem. New relay from Toyota was going to be $80.00. Found one in a junk yard from a 82 Celica for $2.00, replaced it and the problem was gone. The early 80s Cressidas are rare and was not easy to locate. Luckily, the Celica relay was interchangable. My grandmothers old 1988 Chrysler New Yorker also developed this problem. Her car had all digital guages and warning systems. It was an electrical wreck. Door open light would be on, when door was closed, low fuel, when full of fuel, etc. Not sure what was wrong with their car, as they traded it in on a new Buick LeSabre, as they was tired of all of the repairs on the Chrysler. I am not sure your, or any Mercedes has the relays that controls the warning systems like early 80s Toyotas have, but it is a possibility, or possibly a similar problem. Good luck.
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