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I checked the Lambda according to Benzmac (9-3-1999) and came up with a reading of 80 - 84%. I checked it twice and both times the same reading. I don't know what that means but that's what I got.
I tried a new O2 sensor but didn't have any luck. I then started disconnecting some sensors to see if anything changed. Every one I disconnected had some impact on the running of the engine. When I disconnected the Pressure Actuator, nothing changed. Could this indicate a problem with it?

Originally posted by stevebfl:
Lots of problems with overvoltage protection relays, but they only affect idle and cold running mainly. It seems you have a real problem. I would check the fuel pressure first. The fuel pressure regulators stick and cause rich running to stalling conditions from over-pressuring the system.

If you have good pressure I would verify closed loop lambda control by watching the current flow through the EHA (electro-hydraulic actuator). This is the sole electronic mechanism for mixture correction. It gets technical from there on. Let me know when your ready to test.

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