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Talking almost new owner

I bought my Euro C180 last year around April. The car, however, is 8 years old, so its an old car. Having some fun and spending money beyond my means sorting out all the problems the last owner left unrepaired. Most already done by now except for a few nagging ones which do not affect driving. Still worried about the noisy and lack of power engine being only1799cc. I have driven other C180s of the same period and they have more go in them. Could this be the harness or other tuning problems The mechanical noise and front whining noise gets me. Possibly its normal like everything else. Possibly it needs a new timing chain or guides, new bearings. The belt is new. I compared this with the 1998 C200 and that engine is miles ahead in quietness and smoothness. Then its only 1998cc, too. Even the auto box changes a lot smoother without those jerks and gets away with lots more power. What can you say about this? Perhaps my 191,000kms engine and auto box has had its day? Expert opinions required.
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