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Thank you Steve. I will check the differential mounts and give an update on what I find. Another question I have for you is about the OVP relay. I read an article on the net for you about the "current" to the EHA valve and the idle valve. It was great. My 190e is running rich. It just uses more gas than it should. The car idles fine, however, it feels sluggish when it takes off and during kick down. I couldn't detect any current to either the EHA and idle vlave and the 10A fuse is ok on the OVP relay. Do you think I should get a new relay?
I checked the on-off ratio with an osciliscope and I can see a continously moving square wave. Ratio was about 50/50 at idle.
Is there a way to check the relay with a multimeter.
1993 190E 2.6
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