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Our 400E blew a motor at 77,000 miles and M-B replaced it at N/C. Was about 3 years out of warranty. Other than that this car has been fantastic. The dealership in our area gives you a loaner whether your car is in warranty or not. I would almost trust them with my wife. Good folks. The 320TE is kinda new to the family, but so far has found a special place in my heart. Love the looks and is a GREAT all around vehicle. The 420 doesn't get a LOT of use with 36K on it, but so far has been trouble free. All cars have the original exhaust on them and brakes last around 40 K on the 400E. I do most of the oil changes and brakes, and usually replace rotors also since they are not that expensive. Take them to the dealer for the regular service since I think I still owe them for the 400E. I truly love these cars and will drive one till I can't drive any more.
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