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Jason M.
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Hey DuckMuck! I haven't seen you post in like a year or longer
Then again... I havent posted in a year or longer

Sorry to hear your trouble... I've been going through and getting my 124 ready for my march trip to spring break... havent decided on panama beach or daytona...

But anyway to the point: I've had to replace this month 2 ball joints, struts, evaporator (what kind of sadist designed the evap housing), 2 tie rods, and 4 tires, and 2 vacuum elements...

Sometimes its just time to do maintenance, luckily I was able to do it all myself.. Otherwise I would really recommend avoiding the dealer.. Most of the stuff you talk about can be done easily yourself, and even some of it has pictoral walk throughs in the DIY section.

Good luck, and BTW if I remember properly, that was a pretty nice looking ride (didnt you also used to post on bekkers?)
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