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I read through your earlier posts and saw the one where the air filter was removed. I agree AutoZone should be able to read/erase fault codes on your car. It is OBD2 compliant, and as such, by Federal Law, the codes are standardized for emission related codes, which is typically what causes check engine lights. They will need to access the 16 pin OBD2 connector, which I believe is under the drivers side of the dash panel (in the drivers footwell area under the dash).
It is possible that it may run reasonable well even though the Mass Airflow Sensor is bad. If it gets REALLY bad it'll run very poorly. It may be worth attempting to reset the light. A code with the description "Part-throttle self adaptation at limit" is usually caused by a bad Mass Airflow Sensor, but it should be tested.
Most any repair shop will have a scanner that will read OBD2 fault codes and should be able to read/erase the codes. I of course would suggest going the dealer route, consider it a character flaw I guess .

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